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☯Imaginar lo desconocido☯


This is the stupidest thing ever
Yet I want one


we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones


i want to go on a fucking adventure this summer you know make some memories do some wild things but ill probably just lay in bed and eat mcdonalds and watch netflix but hey its fun to pretend ill actually do something

"No era su sonrisa lo que me volvía loco. Era el hecho de saber que era feliz conmigo, saber que sonreía por mí."

Amor y otras adicciones, Ricardo G. (via prostituto-de-letras)



Portraits of Toddlers Eating Lemons for the First Time

All the boys are taking it the worst while the girls don’t really give a fuxk

"Lo hago porque puedo, puedo porque quiero y quiero porque me dijeron que no podía." -Ramiro Leija

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